Overnight Nature Site & Rafting on the Delaware

Overnight Nature Site (Machaneh Gimmel) & Rafting on the Delaware River

Overnight Nature Site (Machaneh Gimmel):

Campers in our Yachad, Bonim, Hadracha and Hamamah program will spend a night hiking through our 80-acre wilderness and outdoor camping sight to to explore nature first-hand, learn about environmental issues, set up camp, cook their own food, enjoy the campfire and bond as a group over a communal bonfire.

Rafting on the Delaware River:

Camp Tel Yehudah is located directly on the Northern/Eastern bank of the Delaware River, separating New York and Pennsylvania. Campers in our Alumim program as well as in Hadracha and Hamamah will spend either a half or full day rafting in teams down a scenic stretch of one of the Eastern Seaboard’s most significant sources of water and ecological diversity!

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