Medication Procedures

Medication Procedures

New York State Law prohibits campers from keeping any medication (including over-the-counter items such as vitamins, aspirin, analgesic and antihistamine) in the bunk area. Campers may be dismissed from camp for keeping medications in the cabin. It is not necessary to send your child with these medicines, as the Health Center will provide these as needed.  

All medications, including temporary remedies needed (and provided) at camp, will be administered by the Health Center staff. Medication is administered at all meals and bedtime. However, inhalers and Epi-Pens are required to be carried by the camper at all times, with a back-up to be kept in the Health Center.

All medication administered on a regular basis at camp MUST be pre-packaged by the pharmacy of Tel Yehudah's choice. (Please note that we are no longer using CampScripts.) Camp will require all parents/guardians whose children take medication to register with the pharmacy. Information on which pharmacy service Tel Yehudah will use will be available later in the year. Information will be sent out once this decision has been made. Thank you for your patience.  

Any medications in pill form brought to camp that are not packaged through the pharmacy of Tel Yehudah's choosing will incur a $150 processing fee unless camp was previously notified and permission granted.     

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