Medication Procedures

Medication Procedures

New York State Law prohibits campers from keeping any medication (including over-the-counter items such as vitamins, aspirin, analgesic and antihistamine) in the bunk area. Campers may be dismissed from camp for keeping medications in the cabin. It is not necessary to send your child with these medicines, as the Health Center will provide these as needed.  

All medications, including temporary remedies needed (and provided) at camp, will be administered by the Health Center staff. Medication is administered at all meals and bedtime. However, inhalers and Epi-Pens are required to be carried by the camper at all times, with a back-up to be kept in the Health Center. 

All medication administered on a regular basis at camp MUST be pre-packaged by Pack My Rx ( Tel Yehudah’s pre-packaged medication vendor.  Camp will require all parents/guardians whose children take medication to register with Pack My Rx, a vendor that will dispense and package all your child/ren’s medication for the duration of the camp season. 

Pack My Rx works with Direct Meds of Florida Pharmacy to dispense your child’s medications in convenient multi-dose strip pouches, labeled with your child’s name, medication, and instructions. This helps our nurses be better organized and helps avoid potential errors.

Important information to know ahead of time:

  • Registration opens on February 1st; it is important to register as early as possible at, to guarantee the timely arrival of medications to camp and to avoid any late fees.
  • Prescriptions have to be sent to Direct Meds of Florida at least one month before camp starts but can be sent as early as February.
  • Direct Meds of Florida will fill a 30-day supply for all prescriptions and send to camp prior to your child’s arrival, but will usually not submit to your insurance until your child is at camp. Please ask your insurance to allow a vacation override for the summer camp months.
  • Full Session (6 weeks): If your child is at camp for more than 30 days, a 30-day refill will be sent to camp. Any medication packed for camp that is not used at camp is sent home with your child
  • Two Blocs (4 weeks): A 30-day supply will be sent to camp.
  • One Bloc (2 weeks): A 30-day supply will be sent to camp. Any medication packed for camp that is not used at camp is sent home with your child.
  • Gesher TY/Complete: Campers may bring their medication to camp with them prepacked in daily doses.
  • You may refill any necessary medication before camp starts, but do not fill prescriptions at home while your child is at camp. Leave any unused medication at home for use after camp.
  • Most commercial prescription insurance plans are accepted. Medicaid is not accepted.
  • Parents are responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Gummies and dissolvable medications cannot be packed in pouches so please substitute with tablets or chewable alternatives.
  • If you have used Pack My Rx before, your login information remains the same, but you need to create a new registration for each summer

Registration Fees:

  • $60 per child, for a 30-day supply
  • $70 per child, for a 60-day supply

30 days before camp starts, Pack My Rx must have:

  • A completed registration
  • All prescriptions for 30 days plus a refill or additional script
  • Copy of insurance card if necessary

The following Late Fees will apply if any of the above requirements arrives late:

  • $30 Fee: if less than 30 days before camp starts
  • $85 Fee: if less than 14 days before camp starts
  • This covers 2-day UPS shipping.
  • This fee will also be charged if there are any medication changes that require a special rush shipment.

Remember: Register as soon as possible at to avoid any late fees.

Pack My Rx is happy to answer any questions and help with the registration process.

Call or email: 888-598-MEDS (6337)

Please be aware that you are not required to have Pack My Rx fill prescriptions that are not in pill form such as liquids, inhalers, epi-pens etc.  However, since such prescriptions are pharmacy direct, you may choose to have Pack My Rx dispense those, as well.  All medication will be shipped to camp prior to your child’s arrival.  All unused medication will be sent home by the camp. 

Any medications in pill form brought to camp that are not packaged through Pack My Rx will incur a $100 processing fee unless camp was previously notified, and permission granted. 

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