Camper Belongings & Valuables

Camper Belongings & Valuables

Camper Belongings 

Camp Tel Yehudah reserves the right to search any camper’s belongings, personal or private, when the health, well-being or safety of the campers requires doing so.


Camp Tel Yehudah is NOT responsible for any valuables brought to camp.  This includes clothing, cameras, stereos, iPods, jewelry, etc.  Staff will collect money and valuables to be placed in the camp safe for safe keeping. Campers will have the opportunity to take items out of the safe throughout the session, if needed. We strongly discourage campers from bringing any item of real or sentimental value to camp. Campers are in a group living situation and it is easy for items to become misplaced or accidentally damaged. 

We strongly encourage you to put labels on all of your child’s clothing and belongings. We love Mabel’s Labels. If you purchase your labels through them, Tel Yehudah will receive a donation to our Tuition Assistance Fund.  You can purchase labels at:

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