Visiting TY, Leaving Camp, & Going Out of Town

Visiting TY, Leaving Camp, & Going Out of Town

Leaving Camp:

Camp tuition covers almost all expenses.  Therefore, we recommend that your child brings a limited amount of money to camp.  A suggested amount would be $30 to $50 of spending money.  This money might cover additional expenses during trips (i.e. snacks) or the purchase of TY concessions. Campers flying home from camp should bring an additional $25 for pocket money on the return flight. All money should be placed in the camp safe upon arrival to camp.  Campers will have the opportunity to take money out of the safe throughout the session.  Camp is not responsible for any money not secured in our safe.

Visiting Camp:

There are so many activities, celebrations and trips packed into a child’s summer.  We work incredibly hard to create a unique Jewish camping opportunity, full of meaningful experiences.  Creating and being a part of a community are highly valued at camp.   Therefore, temporarily withdrawing your child for an outside activity is incredibly disruptive to their experience and has a negative effect on the community.  If your camper will be leaving camp for any reason during the summer you, the parent/guardian, must submit a note in writing and obtain approval from the camp director before your camper will be allowed to leave camp.

Out of Town: 

If you are planning to be away or at another address while your child is away at camp, please notify the office with instructions about how we may contact you.  If you will be out of the country, please provide us with the name, address and phone number of the person who will be responsible for your child in case of an emergency.

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