Rules of Good Conduct

Rules of Good Conduct

In order to accomplish our mission, there are rules prohibiting malicious, destructive and inappropriate behavior by campers. Campers and their parent(s)/guardian(s) should be familiar with the following rules and restrictions before campers come to camp:

  1. In order to provide an atmosphere which is comfortable for everyone, Shabbat and Kashrut will be observed.
  2. No one may leave the Camp grounds (as such grounds are defined by the TY director in his/her sole discretion) without specific permission of the TY director.
  3. All campers must obey staff members at all times. All campers must respect each other and all other people they come into contact with during Camp and refrain from inappropriate behavior.  Bullying and other forms of ANY harassment will not be tolerated and would be grounds for dismissal from camp.
  4. Tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs of any kind have no place at Camp Tel Yehudah because they are destructive to the community and the individual. Therefore, any camper who uses, possesses or distributes tobacco (including e-cigarettes), alcohol or illegal drugs, as determined by Camp Tel Yehudah in its sole discretion, will be sent home immediately at the parent(s)/guardian(s) expense, and will be subject to such other consequences as determined by Young Judaea in accordance with its policies.
  5. All campers must respect the property of each other and of Camp.
  6. All campers will attend and participate in the entire Camp program, including all of its scheduled activities, unless otherwise informed by the staff, it being understood that physical sports are always optional.
  7. Camp Tel Yehudah reserves the right to search the property and/or accommodations of any camper including accommodations not owned and/or operated by Camp Tel Yehudah, with or without the presence of the camper.
  8. Campers are not permitted to possess knives or other weapons of any kind.
  9. Campers are jointly responsible with their parent(s)/guardian(s) for any damage, including graffiti, to camp property; parent(s)/guardian(s) will be billed to cover the cost of the repair. Parent/Guardian agrees that any negligent, willful or intentional damage to camp property by their child, including any graffiti on any buildings or structure, will result in a charge to the credit card provided by Parent/Guardianequal to the cost of materials and labor to repair the damages.  Before the Parent/Guardian’s credit card is charged, they will receive written notification of the damage and the cost of repairs.  
  10. Campers disrupting camp activities, not adhering to camp rules and policies (including but not limited to, these Rules of Good Conduct), and/or not participating in mandatory camp activities, as determined in the sole discretion of Camp Tel Yehudah, may result in disciplinary action and/or dismissal.

At any time, Camp Tel Yehudah may find it necessary to alter and/or add rules and restrictions.  Campers agree to fully comply with all rules or restrictions, including any alterations and/or additions made by Camp Tel Yehudah.  All rules and restrictions apply throughout the entirety of Camp including during free time. Any failure to comply with Camp Tel Yehudah’s rules and restrictions and any alterations and/or additions thereto may result in disciplinary measures, in the sole discretion of Camp Tel Yehudah, up to and including immediate dismissal and/or other removal from Camp.  The following rules and restrictions are not exclusive and the failure to specify in each rule that violation may result in discipline, dismissal or other removal from Camp shall not preclude Camp Tel Yehudah from doing so in its sole discretion. Further, the failure of Camp Tel Yehudah at any time to enforce any rule or restriction or to exercise any right with respect to disciplinary action, will not be construed as a waiver of any such right, will not affect any subsequent violation, and will not prejudice Camp Tel Yehudah in connection with any subsequent enforcement or disciplinary action.

In all cases of discipline, dismissal and/or other removal, the determination of Camp Tel Yehudah regarding the rules, restrictions and policies and their application shall be final and binding, and will not be subject to challenge or review in any forum.  In addition, Camp Tel Yehudah reserves the right to contact the local authorities. Any violation of law by or involving a camper will be subject to the penalty, laws and rules imposed by the local jurisdiction, and Camp Tel Yehudah will not undertake to provide Camper with legal assistance.

Any camper who is dismissed or otherwise removed from the program will be sent home at his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) expense and is not eligible for any tuition, fee, Travel subsidy reimbursement or other refund.  The camper and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for the cost of returning him/her home, including the return fare, shipping of baggage, any other associated expenses, and for any and all damages arising out of the involvement of the camper and/or the camper’s actions. The above also applies to any camper who voluntarily removes him/herself from camp.

Any disciplinary actions taken during the summer at Camp Tel Yehudah might influence or limit a camper’s ability to participate in future Young Judaea activities and programs during the rest of the year and may also affect membership in Young Judaea, admission to, or acceptance in, future Young Judaea summer programs and Young Judaea Israel programs.  Campers and parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive written notification of such actions.

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