Free Time & Community Gatherings

Free Time & Community Gatherings

Does The Program Have Any Free Time?

Every day at camp is filled with a wide variety of activities. However, we do believe it is important for our teens to have some free time each day to spend with their friends. On most days, campers have approximately two hours of free time with additional time on Shabbat. During all free time periods, our specialty areas offer additional opportunities for campers to participate in activities they already love and explore new ones. During any free time period, you might see campers taking a dip in the pool, going for a run, playing soccer, taking a climb up the wall or playing guitar with some friends among many other activities.

Are There Times When Everyone In Camp Is Together?

Yes. About half of our meals are held together in the larger dining hall on our Aleph campus. Shabbat is the most communal experience in camp, bringing the entire community together for an amazing Jewish experience. Some evening and special programs invite the entire community to participate in them together.

How Do You Create A Sense Of Community Outside The Cabin?

While relationships among bunk mates are crucial, our program allows teens to participate within various groupings, depending on the activity. Evening programs are creative, highly interactive and bring together larger groups of our teens. Regardless of the makeup or size of the group, our staff members pride themselves on fostering community and connecting teens together throughout each moment of the day.

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