Personal Choice Within The Program

Personal Choice Within The Program & Personal Development At Camp

How Much Personal Choice Is There In The Program?

We strike a balance between community building experiences and opportunities for personal choice. Every day there is a daily elective program, frequent bunk choice programs and a wide variety of activities offered during camper free time. Yachad campers have an opportunity to choose an Intensive Program Track. Hadracha campers choose a Tikun group focusing on a pressing local or international issue. 

How Do You Teach My Teen New Skills & Help Him/Her/Them Develop?

Our staff and programs create a supportive and empowering environment for building skills, taking challenges and broadening horizons. Our wide variety of specialty areas allows campers to enjoy daily athletic, creative, aquatic, group building, personal challenge and environmental experiences. All of our activities are led by trained staff and strike a balance between skill development and personal enjoyment. Our daily elective program provides the opportunity for teens to customize their own experience and build up their own specific abilities and competencies.

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