First Time Campers

First Time Campers

My Teen Has Never Attended A Young Judaea Camp Before. Is This A Problem?

Not at all. Tel Yehudah is a international summer program. Our participants come from all over the country and world. Young Judaea has four regional camps for younger participants. As a result, while many of our participants have grown up at Young Judaea camps, everyone who comes to Tel Yehudah is meeting many of the other participants for the first time. For many participants the experience of meeting new people from all over the country and the world is one of the best parts of camp. North American participants who have not previously attended any Jewish residential camp may be eligible for a special $1000 incentive grant. Please contact our office for more information.

How Will My Teen Feel Welcomed & Included?

Our staff develops programs that bond participants together and facilitate opportunities to interact and create new friendships. One of Tel Yehudah’s core values is pluralism and we ensure that there is a place for each and every camper in our community.

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