Tzilum (Photography) Expedition (Yachad Campers)

Tzilum (Photography) Expedition (Yachad Campers)

The Program:

In the Tzilum Expedition, teens will explore how art, and specifically photography, can be used to share and tell a story, as well as how art can influence and educate others toward a specific understanding and inspire action.

Teens Will:

  • Learn and practice techniques for taking ‘good’ photographs
  • Consider how art can influence society
  • Explore the impact of photos in social media and consider the stories they tell about their own lives in the public sphere
  • Investigate how to find and reach an audience
  • Learn how to use photos to spread influence
  • Curate a meaningful final exhibit that shares their selected story at the end of the session to be shared with the rest of the TY community

The Out-Of-Camp Experience: Photography Expedition In New York City:

With cameras in hand, our campers will embark on a four day journey throughout New York, using the city as the context for understanding one’s own identity and values and learning the language of photography along the way.

Participants will be introduced to the essential tools, methods, and skills they need to look intently at photographs and to take their own pictures. Workshops will include visits to the International Center of Photography, meetings with photographers/gallery curators and owners in New York, and editing sessions in computer labs during the trip. Teens will also enjoy evening outings and activities throughout the city.

The trip will culminate with a vibrant photography exhibition at camp and online of the participants’ work, celebrating their experiences behind the camera and revealing their collective “lens” and perspectives.

Sleeping Accommodations: 

The group will stay at the Midwood JCC in Brooklyn along with the Tzedek trip participants, in spacious group rooms that will be separated by gender. Participants bring sleeping bags and optional sleeping pads for their stay. Participants will also have access to locker rooms equipped with showers, toilets, and sinks for their use each night and morning.

Participants do not need previous experience or expertise with photography to participate. Participants also may use smart phones for taking photographs.

NOTE: The Tzilum Expedition will require an additional $150 charge for teens who choose and are selected to participate in this Expedition.

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