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We have high standards and expectations of the staff we select to lead our community. Our staff must be mature, responsible adults with a passion for building community, working as part of a team, and a thirst for learning that is passed on to the teens they live with. It is integral that applicants have a GENUINE interest in working with young people and are ready to put our teens above themselves to ensure the highest quality, safe, and fun summer experience for our participants.

All staff members must pass through a rigorous screening and selection process in order to receive a job offer. This includes a thorough online application, in-person or web-based interview (with video capability), multiple reference checks, and a criminal background check. All hired staff are also required to attend 7-14 days (dependent on role) of pre-summer training and orientation to learn and understand their responsibilities, camp procedures, and prepare the summer program and activities.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about joining the Tel Yehudah summer team, please contact Mac Lindner, Assistant Director, at


Program Team:

The Program Team is made up of staff members who create and implement the experiences our teens enjoy each summer, as well as taking on the primary responsibility for the health, safety and well-being of our teens. Program staff live in bunks with teens (with exceptions), plan programs, provide 24/7 supervision, and serve as primary role models and mentors to our teens.

Program staff have strong skills in a teaching area, have a strong connection to Judaism and Zionism (each in his/her own way) and are sincerely committed to fostering a similar connection within our teens.

Program team members must have completed one year or college or the equivalent.

Unit/Program Area Heads:

Experienced adults, teachers, and professionals are selected to be Unit Heads (Merakzim) and Program Area Directors (Roshim). This group comprises the majority of the Leadership Team of camp and they are integral to managing daily life at camp and making our program run each summer.

Merakzim and Roshim have a high level of expertise in their areas including experience mentoring and teaching adolescents and young adults. They should show initiative, be organized, flexible, creative and solution-oriented. They will oversee the development and implementation of excellent programs and manage the life cycle of their team members, including training, oversight, and performance review throughout the summer.

Merakzim and Roshim must be a minimum of 21 years of age and completed four years of college or the equivalent.

General Counselors (Madrichim):

General counselors (madrichim) are invaluable staff members who spend their whole day with one group of campers. They are role models who must be fun-loving, creative, patient and genuinely concerned for the welfare and development of our teens. They are on the front lines participating in activities with their group, planning and implementing programs directly, and ultimately ensuring that our teens have a memorable and fun summer!

Madrichim are responsible for creating communities that are fun, as well as emotionally and physically safe. Bunk life consists of supervising a camper bunk (12-16 teenage girls or boys) in conjunction with one or two other co-counselors on a daily basis.

Specialty Counselors (Moomchim):

Approximately 1/3rd of our program staff are specialty counselors (moomchim) who live in a bunk of 12-16 campers and teach/coach in their activity area of expertise. Both in the bunk and in their program areas, specialists are responsible for creating communities that are fun, as well as emotionally and physically safe. Bunk life consists of supervising a camper bunk (12-16 teenage girls or boys) in conjunction with one or two other co-counselors on a daily basis, particularly during morning through breakfast, three meals, sikkum yom (daily reflection), evening activity, nightly bunk activity and preparation for bed.

Specialists are also qualified to lead their areas; they have experience playing or participating in their activity at a high level, including previous teaching or coaching experience. Depending on the activity area, specialists may instruct with other specialists or independently. Some specialty areas may require specific certifications or qualifications.

Operations Team:

It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to keep camp running smoothly all summer long. Staff in operational roles are indispensable, highly valued members of our summer team. Whether in the office, kitchen, or running all around camp, each member plays a vital role. If you love being around kids and in the great outdoors, this is a great way to spend the summer.


The communications team is responsible for capturing and sharing all of the awesomeness of camp with our summer family and the public at large. Our Summer Communications Manager works with a team of camp photographers and videographer to capture daily life at camp, manage and promote camp content on our online channels, collect and write editorial, and curate content to share both during the summer and all year long.

Food Service:

The food service team consists of general staff, chefs, and other roles necessary for food production, service, and clean up. Kitchen staff maintain the cleanliness of the kitchens and dining rooms, help with food deliveries and storage, open and close the kitchen at the start and end of the season, and assist with food preparation for up to 600 people for three meals a day. Staff must be positive, friendly, and ensures the dining hall is clean, safe and inviting while meals are served.

Job Description – Chef


Administrative staff are responsible for working in one of our offices or health care center and serve as the first point of contact with the outside world and anyone entering camp. They also provide the necessary support to camp’s infrastructure and take care of many of the tasks that keep camp running. Applicants must be friendly, enthusiastic, organized and possess basic office skills such as data entry, answering multiple telephones, taking accurate messages, filing, and assisting in other projects that arise. Professionalism and strong communication skills are essential.


Logistics staff members are part of a team that is responsible for facilitating the behind-the-scenes needs of camp keeping the operation of camp running smoothly. Responsibilities will include I/T support, set up and breakdown of equipment for events, ordering and maintaining supplies for activities, and more. Drivers who complete camp shopping and other transportation needs are also a part of the team, as are housekeeping staff who are hard-working and provide daily cleaning of our facility.

Job Description – Security Officer


Our Health Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by health care professionals (RN, LPN, EMT) who are licensed, and are currently registered, or have reciprocity, to practice in the state of New York.

Job Description – Social Worker or Psychologist

Shoulder Season Staffing:

Some staff choose to arrive early or stay “post season” to help with other rentals we host, prepare the physical facility, and to do general maintenance work as needed. Staff interested in working during the shoulder season should contact the our Operations Director, Noah Wilker, at

Pre-Camp (Early May Through Early July):

Pre-Camp staff duties are assigned on a daily basis to prepare the physical facility of our summer campus in Barryville. Duties include painting, moving and setting up facilities and equipment, thoroughly cleaning our kitchens, yard work, clerical work, and other necessary tasks as needed. Pre-Camp staff should expect to work 8 hours a day with breaks for meals and will report directly to TY’s Operations Director. Pre-camp staff should be able to withstand long hours, physical labor, and have a positive work ethic and attitude. Preference for hiring staff for Pre-Camp will be given to individuals who are already hired to work at camp during our traditional sessions. However, exceptions will be made for non-summer staff who are able to commit to multiple weeks of consecutive work, who have previous experience working at camp, and for certain rental weekends for which we require greater numbers of staff.

Weekend Rentals (Dates To Be Announced In The Spring):

Rental staff will be hired to work in both camp kitchens to help facilitate efficient and quality food preparation and service, as well as kitchen and dining room cleaning, inventory, and overall facility upkeep. We are seeking to hire rental staff in addition to those who will already be working at camp during these dates for Pre-Camp (listed above). Experience working in an industrial or camp kitchen is preferred, but not required.

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