Travel by Plane

Travel by Plane

Parents/Campers are responsible for making their own plane reservations.

Once the reservation is made, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardian to notify the camp office of the camper’s travel plans by filling out the Travel Form online at Any changes in travel should be handled directly with the Camp Office.  (Please note, we advise you to purchase accident, baggage and trip cancellation insurance.)  This form will be enabled in spring 2019. 

Please remember to bring the appropriate identification for your child.  Please consult your airline for the different types of permissible identification. 


All flights, including those from the West Coast and international, must be scheduled to arrive into Newark Liberty Airport between 12 pm and 3 pm on the first day of the session.  Parents of West Coast and International campers, please contact the office to discuss alternative arrival options if necessary.

What happens once campers’ flights arrive at Newark Liberty Airport?

  1. Campers should proceed to the Baggage Claim Area.  On their way they, will pass through security where a Tel Yehudah staff member, wearing a Tel Yehudah t-shirt, will be waiting. 
  2. Campers will check-in with this staff member and then proceed down to Baggage Claim.  The staff member will put a “Welcome to TY” sticker on each camper to indicate that he/she has initially checked-in with a Tel Yehudah staff member.
  3. Once at Baggage Claim, campers will be greeted by another Tel Yehudah staff member who will instruct them to gather their luggage and return, with their luggage, to the staff member’s location. (*While we will do our best to help campers with their luggage, gathering and carrying luggage is the responsibility of each camper.  Please keep this in mind when packing your child for camp.)
  4. Campers who arrive into Terminal B or C will be taken to the AirTrain by a staff member who will put them on the Tram taking them to Terminal A.
  5. Once the AirTrain arrives at Terminal A they will be met by a staff member who will take them to the Tel Yehudah central check-in area.  Campers will then check-in again with our Airport Captain.
  6. The Airport Captain will give each camper a colored bracelet indicating the time his/her bus to camp is leaving the Airport.  In addition each camper’s name will be added to the corresponding bus’s departure list.
  7. When the time corresponds with that written on campers’ colored bracelet, they will be instructed to gather their belongings, including their luggage, and proceed to the bus departure area. 
  8. As campers board the bus their names will be cross-checked with the individual bus’s departure list to ensure that each camper signed up for the bus has boarded. The bus will not leave until every camper that is supposed to be on the bus is present.
  9. Once everyone has checked in, the bus will depart for Camp Tel Yehudah.
Please note: due to the long hours of traveling to Tel Yehudah, we recommend that all campers who are traveling by bus or plane come with their own prepared snacks.  There will be food provided at camp once the campers arrive.


All flights must be scheduled to depart from Newark Liberty Airport between 2 pm and 5 pm on the last day of the session.  No camper should depart before 2 pm.  Buses will take campers from Camp Tel Yehudah to Newark Liberty Airport. 

Our staff will assist campers with check-in of luggage and will assist them in getting to their departure gates (as much as Airport Security will permit.)  As some flights leave later than others, staff will wait at the airport until all flights have departed.

In case of an emergency, make sure that your child has the following camp telephone number and instruct him/her to call camp at 845-557-8311.

It is highly recommended that each camper be given an additional $25 to be turned into the Camp Office so he/she has money for the return trip home.  This money will be returned to the camper before departing camp on the last day of the session.

Unaccompanied Minor Fees:

Please notify Camp Tel Yehudah if your child will be traveling as an officially designated “unaccompanied minor” with your airline.  We will provide you with the identifying information of the person who will be greeting your child at the gate.  This information will be required by the airline.  It is the responsibility of the parent to arrange payment of the “unaccompanied minor” fee directly with the airline for both arrival and departure.  If Tel Yehudah must pay these fees on the return trip, parents’ credit cards will be charged.

*Please read the Unaccompanied Minor article:


Clearly mark each bag on the outside and inside, with the camper’s name and home address.  In order to be courteous to other campers in the bunk, whether you plan on driving your child to camp or if he/she is flying, each camper’s belongings should fit into two pieces of luggage. Please note that campers are not allowed to bring trunks to camp. 

Please check with your airline in advance about additional checked baggage fees and make arrangements to pay these fees in advance. Tel Yehudah is not responsible for such fees. If Tel Yehudah must pay these fees on the return trip, parents’ credit cards will be charged.

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