Physical & Mental Well-Being

Physical & Mental Well-Being

Exercise & Physical Activity: 

Camp’s daily schedule places an emphasis on healthy living with regular physical and exercise based activities. Tel Yehudah’s pool, sports, and rikud (Israeli dance) staff specialize in creating regularly scheduled group activities that integrate exercise and fun in the sunshine and rain! All camp programs also include outdoor adventures (hiking, biking, kayaking, etc) that involve moderate to challenging physical regiments. Additionally, all staff members help all campers to stay hydrated throughout the day by encouraging them to carry a water bottle around camp and allowing breaks for drinking water and refilling their water bottles.

Emotional Support:

Sometimes being away from home and in a new environment can be difficult for our teens. Our staff is dedicated to caring for the emotional well-being of all of our campers. In addition, Tel Yehudah has a social worker or psychologist on staff, available to support campers and staff. Tel Yehudah also has a parent liaison, because sometimes parents need support too.

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