Medical Examination/Medication Holiday

Medical Examination/Medication Holiday

Medical Examination: 

Your child’s health and safety are our number one priority and, therefore, it is essential that you provide us with all the information requested on our medical forms.  All information is confidential and is only shared with those staff members and health care professionals who we believe have a need to know about any condition your child may have and other persons only as required by the law. 

We want to treat your child(ren) properly and fairly and the only way to do that is with FULL knowledge of your child’s medical and/or mental condition.

Medication Holiday:

Children may take certain medications (like Ritalin, Dexedrine, etc.) during the year which some physicians or psychiatrists may like to stop for a short period of time each year. The summer is a frequently chosen time because the child is not in school. Please be aware, however, that camp also requires a high degree of attention, concentration, and stability. We therefore do not recommend any change in your child’s medication during camp. If your child takes any medication(s) during the year that he/she will not be taking during the summer, it is important that we know about such a “medication holiday.” 

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