Etgar (Health & Physical Challenge) Expedition (Yachad Campers)

Etgar (Health & Physical Challenge) Expedition (Yachad Campers)

The Program:

In the Etgar Expedition, teens will push themselves to challenge their physical limits and explore ways to live more healthily, improve their fitness levels, and support action to live in healthier communities year-round.

Teens Will:

  • Experience the power of community to reach goals, both individually and as a group
  • Learn different ways to improve their own lifestyles to encourage better health, including physical fitness, nutrition, and spiritual wellness
  • Leave with a desire to live a healthier lifestyle year-round

The Out-Of-Camp Experience:

Participants will spend four days and three nights biking through, and camping out in, scenic upstate New York. The group will bike between 20-30 miles each day and approximately 110 miles in total by the end of the trip. Rides will be both on paved roads and backcountry, unpaved trails.

The trip will be led by an experienced biking guide who will also be joined by between 8-10 additional staff members, who will be trained prior to the trip, spread out amongst the group throughout the ride, and be able to ensure safe riding practices throughout the trip. At least one staff member, if not the trip guide, will hold Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications.

TY owns and annually maintains a fleet of bikes to be used for this trip. Prior to the trip, each participant will be fitted to a specific bike and helmet that is assigned to him/her for the duration of the trip. Participants will also receive a trip orientation to learn and practice safe riding practices, review signals, and get comfortable with their bikes. All participants are assessed by the trip guide and, if any participant is deemed to be unable to be safe and able to complete the trip, s/he will be re-assigned. Safety is the number one priority.

Participants will not carry their gear during the rides. Only water bottles attached to the bikes or Camelbak-style water bladders that can be worn on the riders’ back will be with the riders during the day. All additional gear and food is transported along with the group’s support vehicles (one large truck and one 12-passenger van), which will be accessible when the group stops throughout the ride. If any rider is experiencing trouble during the ride and deemed unable to ride, s/he will ride in the 12-passenger van and store his/her bike in the truck until s/he is able to ride again.

Sleeping Accommodations: 

Camp will be set up each night at official campgrounds along the route by teens with the guidance of staff. At most sites, the group will have access to bathroom facilities (toilets and sinks, but not showers) and designated space for the group to pitch tents and create outdoor programming space. Participants will sleep in medium-sized tents of 5-8 people of the same gender.

Participants must be able and comfortable riding a bicycle and should be in good physical health. Participants with existing leg or knee issues should consult their physician to determine if this level of riding will be doable

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