Kayamut (Sustainability) Expedition (Yachad Campers)

Kayamut (Sustainability) Expedition (Yachad Campers)

The Program:

In the Kayamut Expedition, teens will gain a greater sense of responsibility toward protecting the natural world through understanding human impact on the environment, considering their own lifestyles and impact, and consider ways to influence and encourage others to live more sustainability.

Teens Will:

  • Gain an appreciation of the natural world
  • Learn about existing (and future) threats to the natural world and how to combat those threats
  • Consider what parts of their own lives contribute to the destruction of the environment
  • Discover different ways individuals can contribute to preserving the environment
  • Determine how to take action to protect nature locally, globally, and in Israel

The Out-Of-Camp Experience: Kayaking

Participants will spend four days and three nights kayaking down the scenic Delaware River in consecutive segments. The trip concludes with the group kayaking straight off the river and into camp.

The trip will be facilitated by a professional outdoor company, Northeast Wilderness Experience (NEWE), which provides four professional river guides to lead the group on the river each day. NEWE’s river guides go through extensive training as professionals and hold numerous certifications in lifeguarding, first aid, river safety, and other open-water certifications. An additional 7-10 staff members from Tel Yehudah also join the trip to provide additional leadership and supervision, including at least 2-3 lifeguard certified staff for added support. NEWE trains and orients each of the staff before the trip, including paddling techniques, river skills, and safety requirements.

Participants will paddle at an intense level for an average of 9-14 miles, depending on the daily itinerary and should expect to be on the river for 6-8 hours each day. River conditions will vary each day, between flat water to a maximum Entry Level II Rapids.
A NEWE river guide will provide an orientation for the teens prior to the trip to introduce paddling techniques, river skills, and safety procedures before the trip begins.

On the river, teens will also learn and practice river skills through clinics in topics such as, throw bag usage, ferrying, crab crawl, body surfing, and boat rescue. All clinics will be implemented and overseen by NEWE guides. Safety is always the top priority.

Sleeping Accommodations: 

The group is housed at same outdoor campsite (owned and operated by NEWE) for all three nights of the trip, situated along the Delaware River. At the campsite, the group will have access to bathroom facilities, picnic areas, outdoor cooking equipment and designated outdoor group programming space. Participants will sleep in large group tents of 5-8 people of the same gender.

Participants should be in good physical health and not have any shoulder or arm injuries that could be exacerbated by extensive paddling.

NOTE: The Kayamut Expedition will require an additional $150 charge for teens who choose and are selected to participate in this Expedition.

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